John Lincoln Wright: Too Old to Die Young Now

“Too old to die young, too young to go, How I ever got this far, the good Lord only knows, I’ve been around the horn and back so many times that now I’ve found, I’m too old to die young now.”

John Lincoln Wright - cover

John Lincoln Wright 1947–2011

He saw it coming. In his 20’s John had a notion of what would take him out and that inevitably it would have something to do with booze. One of his best lyrics turns on the line:

“I’m one drink closer to heaven. Lord, get me out of this hell.”

He also lived with a stoic foreknowledge that, no matter what he achieved, his life was bound to end in personal failure:

“In 1965 I said I’d never get out alive, that I’d burn myself out before my time… Then the years went by so fast … I’m too old to die young now.”
(Also quoted by Steve Morse in his excellent Boston Globe obituary). (click to continue…)

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