Will the Real Jared Please Step Forward?

I love it when actors fool me. Jared Harris, for instance. I first saw him on Madmen, as the twerpy, creepy Englishman installed to run Sterling Cooper when they sell out to a UK mega giant.

Later I caught up with The Curious Tale of Benjamin Button (Brad Pitt and Kate Blanchett) in which he plays “Captain Mike,” a rowdy, hard drinking Irish tugboat skipper. There was something familiar about the actor. Who was he? I looked it up on IMDB and…lo and behold, it was the same guy––the twit from Madmen.

Jared Harris, it turns out, is the son of the late English star, Richard Harris, who died in 2002. Richard Harris (right, in his last major part––Dumbledor in the Harry Potter movies) was called by the BBC, “…everything a bad-boy Hollywood star should be: a handsome, boozing, brawling, womanising, jet-setter whose moody magnificence brought glamour to even his weakest movies.” I’d say Jared comes by Captain Mike honestly.

But what about the Madmen twit, Lane Price? Where does that come from? As John Lovitz used to say in the old SNL “Thespian” sketches, “It’s ACTING!” If you’d like to see him NOT acting, here’s a clip of his appearance on a recent Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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